House Rules

• Creating items (mundane, masterwork, and magical) does not require an xp expenditure. You must still pay the gp price as usual.
• Creating an item requires 1 day per 1,000 gold of the cost to make it, not the cost to buy it. (Example: A magic sword costs 100,000 gp to buy. Making it would require 50,000 gp and 50 days of work).

Templates, Level Adjustments, and Racial Hit Dice
• You may start with any template (subject to my approval, of course) as long as you accept the level adjustment.
• Acquiring a template in-game through a very costly ritual (i.e. a Lich’s phylactery) does not give you a level adjustment on top of the gp and xp expenditure. Any template may be acquired by this method.
• Change the Half-fiend template’s alignment restriction to “Any nongood”; change the Half-celestial template’s level adjustment to “Any nonevil”. This is superseded by Eberron campaign rules that all alignments can be anything.
• You may play as monster characters, provided you accept the racial Hit Dice and level adjustment.
• Monster characters with racial hit dice have no level adjustment; assume they are characters with a level equal to their CR+1 and that their stat modifiers are derived from the assumption that the base monster was built using the NPC elite array (highest monster stat – highest elite stat, then repeat for next lowest, etc). For level-dependant effects like skill point maxes, feat prereqs, etc, use the monster’s CR+1. Round ability stat mods down to nearest multiple of 2 (negative mods up to multiple of 2), and CRs down to nearest whole number.
• Vampires have a level adjustment of +3 instead of +8, but have Suggestion at will instead of Dominate, and lose the Children of the Night and Alternate Form abilities.
• Afflicted lycanthropes have a level adjustment of +1, natural a level adjustment of +2.
• You can ignore all of this and use Oslecamo’s Improved Monster Classes if you prefer.

• Familiars have the same alignment as their master, regardless of their species’ usual alignment.
• Negative energy is not evil, positive energy is not good. This is not a house rule so much as a clarification of a commonly-confused existing rule.
• You may have any alignment you want, provided that A). You are capable of working with the rest of the party B). You don’t try to force other party members to adopt your alignment/beliefs and C). You are capable of maturely roleplaying your alignment.
• All mindless undead have an alignment of Neutral. All sentient undead have the same alignment as the base creature.

Spells and Spellcasting
• Casting a spell with the [Evil] descriptor is not an evil act. This applies equally to spells with the [Good], [Law], and [Chaos] descriptors. Clerics and Druids still cannot cast spells with opposing alignment descriptors to their own. This is superseded by the Eberron campaign rules.
• No spell requires non-costly material components. Essentially, all spellcasters receive the Eschew Materials feat. Spells with costly material components still require them.
• All spells in the Conjuration (healing) school are moved to Necromancy (healing).

Allowed/Restricted Material
1. All official material from books and Dragon Magazine issues I have is allowed, except for the following:
1. To take Exalted or Vile feats/prestige classes, you must play as an exemplar of your alignment and I must approve them all on a case-by-case basis.
2. I reserve the right to judge anything as unsuitably game-breaking at any time and disallow it. You will be compensated if you have something already and I later deem it unsuitable.
2. The following non-official material will be allowed:
1. Classes: Generally, most non-official classes will be allowed, subject to my approval. Anything I have bookmarked is automatically allowed.
2. Feats: All non-official feats require approval.
3. Spells: Most non-official spells will be allowed, subject to my approval. You may create your own epic spells using the appropriate rules. Spell research rules can be used to create custom spells, as subject to my approval.
4. Items: You can make any custom magical item using the rules in the DMG, except for blatantly ridiculous ones (ring of true strike, etc). Use common sense.

Character Creation/Traits
• Writing your character’s background gives you a bonus feat at 1st level. It must be both not too powerful and appropriate to your background. You must meet all prerequisites for it. The DM has final say on whether any given feat is appropriate or not.
• The elite array is changed from 8/10/12/13/14/15 to 10/12/14/15/16/17
• You may choose to start with either the new elite array, point buy (number based on campaign) or random roll. Rerolls are allowed for the last option.

• Changelings do not get the -2 penalty for disguising as a different race or gender when using their minor change shape ability. They may use it to change their voice as well as appearance.
• Remove the Tiefling’s -2 Charisma penalty.
• Half-elves raised by their human parent gain either a bonus feat or extra skill points (as a human does) at first level. Half-elves raised by their elven parent have elven weapon proficiencies. Half-elves raised by both parents may choose either benefit.

• Remove the -4 penalty to attack rolls for shooting into melee. As such, the Precise Shot feat no longer exists. Remove it as a requirement from any feat or prestige class that requires it. Any class that gives Precise Shot as a bonus feat now gives a choice of any feat that requires Point Blank Shot.
• The Toughness feat no longer exists. Anything that requires it now requires Improved Toughness (Complete Warrior) instead.

1. Save-vs-DM’s revised Sorcerer is used in place of the standard PH Sorcerer.

1. Specialist Wizards need only select 1 restricted school instead of 2, and they may choose Divination as a restricted school.

1. Ignore the Complete Arcane errata for eldritch blast; it is treated as a spell level equal to ½ the Warlock’s caster level, maximum 9th at level 18.
2. Change the Warlock’s alignment restriction from “Any chaotic or evil” to “Any”.

1. A Paladin’s code of conduct must be physically written out by the Paladin’s player and approved by the DM.
2. The code of conduct may have parts added or removed based on the Paladin’s deity (for example, Paladins of Grenth may associate with evil beings).
3. The Rebalanced Paladin is used in place of the standard Paladin.

1. Replace the Spell Focus (evil) feat required for entry with Spell Focus (any).
2. Change the alignment restriction from “Any evil” to “Any”.

Nar Demonbinder
1. Remove the Nar Demonbinder spell list. Add the spells on the list to the Demonbinder’s spellbook or spells known list at 1st level.
2. Give the class 6/7 spellcasting progression, advancing at every level except 1.
3. Drop the Hit Dice to d4.

Battle Sorcerer
1. Change the weapon proficiency to “All martial weapons”.

Shade Hunter
1. Add Treasure Scent (Spell Compendium, p. 223) and Marked Object (Spell Compendium, p.139) to the Shade Hunter spell list.

Netherese Arcanist
1. Change spells requirement from 13th-level to 12th-level.

Moon Guardian
1. Change alignment restriction from “Any good” to “Any”.
2. Change spellcasting requirement from “3rd level divine spells” to “2nd level divine spells”.

1. An Artificer’s craft reserve is converted into a gold piece amount. An Artificer gains five times the craft reserve XP value in gold pieces to pay for crafted items. The Artificer can only spend this gold to buy items he/she can craft. Gold not spent from the craft reserve is lost.
2. Instead of gaining the retain essence ability, Artificers gain a 300 gp bonus to their craft reserve at 5th level. This is not retroactive, but stacks with any Artificer levels the character gains after receiving it.

1. A Fleshwarper gains five times their graft reserve value in gold pieces to pay for grafts. The Fleshwarper can only spend this gold to buy grafts he/she can craft. Gold not spent from the graft reserve is lost.

1. The updated pyrokineticist from Hyperconscious is used.
2. Variant elemental pyrokineticists are allowed (
3. The capstone (10th level) ability is removed. Instead, the pyrokineticist gains the ability to ignore any resistance and immunity of her chosen element when dealing damage using class abilities.

1. The updated metamind from Hyperconscious is used.

1. The Wind Reader class feature is not counted as an active Mantra and persists as long as the marksman maintains psionic focus.

House Rules

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