Entry 1

I must first get caught up with current events. It is my hope that not all my entries must be this long, but it is necessary today.

I had a reasonable business going before I set out on this adventure. I was a faceless criminal, and was very, very good at it. I heard through the underground that a crew of proper adventurers might be looking for a thief, and thought it might be a clever idea to join up. Adventurers work with seriously powerful people. I got ambitious, thinking this might be a good way to get some serious money and reputation. Just look where that got me.

Note — A lesson about ambition to be had here

The people were not quite what I anticipated. The first woman who was establishing this group seems alright. Swordsage, fights with her fists. Naive, but competent. The other woman is an artificer. Useful, no doubt, but I wouldn’t have chosen her to take on a job. She’s some kind of sociopath. The other woman they brought on is worse. A binder and completely unstable. I’m not sure minute to minute whether she’s going to lick a cockroach or eviscerate all of us. I doubt she has the attention span to do either properly. She manages to get the job done, anyway.

The good news, the girls already had a contract with a lady of the Cannith house (Elaydren — Names are important). I thought this was a fantastic thing at the time, but now I’m not so sure. Someone’s trying to kill her, which isn’t a problem. She wanted us to retrieve something, which I thought wouldn’t be a problem, either. She gave us a heap of gear to get going, apparently assuming that none of us had any tools to begin with. I don’t know why she would hire us if she believes we are that incompetent. That is her problem; I just care that I get paid on this one. The only really useful thing she included was the bag it came in, one of those haversacks that is bigger on the inside. I commented on wanting one of those, which managed to get me the job of carrying everyone’s junk in it. Not what I had wanted, but on second thought, I don’t think I would trust any of the women with it anyway. I’m keeping my important gear separate in my old satchel anyway, just in case.

So, down to the job. Traveled by lightning rail to Sterngate, then joined a merchant caravan to get to Darguun. Had to find a bloke called Failin there who would get us where we needed to go. Found out he’d gone back on some business dealings when he got mugged right in front of us. Not a trustworthy man, but he’s got the magic cart and the map in his head.

I hate being tied to someone else’s resources for travel. Investigate a good way to change that. Practical to keep a horse? Steal magic conveyance?

Failin took us to an old ruined quarry town. A group was already there; we ambushed them and wiped them out. Eventually found a map to our next stop (Whitehearth, whatever that is. Been there and still don’t know what its purpose might be.). Had a run-in with a bunch of glass-covered zombies being controlled by a vampire called Garrow. We ran.

We then went to Whitehearth. On the way, my supposed comrades had to stop to search every dead body in the Mournland, trying very hard to get us killed. Whitehearth itself was absolutely maddening. Whoever built that place should be locked away in its halls to wander lost for the rest of eternity. I don’t know what the thing we retrieved there is meant to do, but if the Lady Cannith is even half as mad as whoever designed that over-extravagant, unpractical mess, I’m not sure she ought to have it. I’ll give it to her anyway, worthiness isn’t my business, but I’m a bit concerned about it. It gives me one more good reason to quit. If she sends me to fight one more rotting body, soulless construct, or living ball of fire, I think I really will. I will kill living things from dusk ‘til dawn if it’s necessary, but I am seriously fed up with lifeless husks trying to eat me.

Of course, I had to mention that as we were leaving, because Garrow turned up again, with guards. He wanted our mark. I was half inclined to give it to him when Failin decided to attack from nowhere, so we had to fight. Garrow should have left us in squishy bits at the mouth of the cave, but he vanished for some reason. This calls for further consideration.

Now we’re on our way back. That took longer to cover than I would have liked. Quick review -

—I can’t trust my party to do anything practical, but they seem to be capable anyway
—The Houses are even more wasteful, self-absorbed, dangerous, and despicable than I ever thought
—Need a way to travel without relying on the Houses’ magics
—Failin is an untrustworthy mercenary, but seems to behave reliably as such
—What is happening with Garrow?

Entry 1

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