Eyes in the Dark

Seventh Session

Seventh Session: Zombies, zombies, and MORE zombies, improvisations, and a giant enemy crab.

After their killing spree, the PCs took some time to look around. The first thing they noticed was they weren’t alone: strange, glass-covered zombies were digging up a graveyard behind a reasonably-intact church. They prepared for another fight but the zombies completely ignored them. The artificer (correctly) figured that their creator forgot to give them instructions for intruders. They went inside the church and found a chalice encased under the glass. Back outside, they “borrowed” a pickaxe from one of the zombies (which kept right on mining without it) and dug up the chalice, which turned out to be a Sovereign Host relic none of them could use.

The next intact building was an old Cannith refinery and the zombies here DID have orders to attack. They weren’t particularly difficult to kill but the noise brought another Emerald Claw soldier and the commander of the whole mission out. This fight was tough mainly because she kept using 5-point Combat Expertise which, combined with her shield, made it nearly impossible to actually hit her. The swordsage suggested they stabilize the dying commander and tie her up for interrogation later. Of course, none of them had even a single rank in heal so it took a lucky 19 from the artificer. They shackled the commander to a wall (this comes back to bite them later) and entered the next room.

Puzzle time! The floor of the next room was a giant map of Khorvaire surrounded by various statues (that look like giant chess pieces). It didn’t take them long to check the back of the statues, where they found cryptic messages mentioning various locations including their goal of Whitehearth. They seemed to be stumped until the swordsage figured out the statues were telling them to walk on the map (apparently, she’s studying coordinate planes that work the same way). Whitehearth, the secret Cannith research facility they were looking for, was revealed to be in a mine in southern Cyre, now firmly in the Mournland.

Garrow, the vampiric leader of the Emerald Claw expedition, ambushed them and summoned around twenty zombies. They wisely chose to run, and were picked-up by Failin and his land cart.

They made it to the Dead-Gray Mist of the Mournland without incident and, much to the chagrin of the rogue (who was sick of undead at this point), insisted on stopping at every remotely interesting site in the Mournland. First, they were ambushed by hideously-mutated wolf skeletons while stripping dead bodies of valuables. They found perhaps the most useless magic item in the module: an intelligent Valenar double scimitar that only likes elves and only works while mounted. The next site held something far worse, though: a mound of bodies and discarded weaponry rose up to from the ground, revealing a carcass crab hiding beneath it!



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