Eyes in the Dark

Session 1

Fourth Session: Faces new and old, gelatinous cubes, and bar fights.

OK, first session with the new group. It began in the same tavern, with the artificer and the swordsage interviewing the rogue and the binder (Artificer: “Don’t mention the gelatinous cube…”). They ended up hiring them and heading to the House Sivis message station to see if Lady Elaydren had left them any messages. They found the door ajar and the station ransacked; investigation revealed it was a group of kobolds led by a warforged. On their way out, a giant owl dropped off a letter from Elaydren telling them to come to the Broken Anvil immediately.

There, she gave them a Handy Haversack full of items and ducked under the table as the warforged and his minions attacked. The kobolds dropped like flies but the warforged was tough, nearly killing the swordsage and binder. The swordsage snapped his neck and the artificer harvested him for possible grafting. The haversack was full of stuff, including a letter from Elaydren telling the party to find a secret Cannith research base in the Mournland and take the next piece of the schema from it. To find the hidden base, they had to journey to Rose Quarry in the goblinoid nation of Darguun. They sold the warforged’s +1 longsword (artificer used Mercantile Background) and decided to look for transportation.



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