Eyes in the Dark

Fifth Session

Fifth Session: Lightning Trains, Wagon Trains, and Bugbears

The players needed to find a way to get to Darguun, preferably ahead of the people who tried to kill them. They quickly figured out the best ways would be by airship, lightning rail, or galleon. Leery of airship pirates, as official Lyrandar airships didn’t make the trip, they went with the lightning rail. The letter of credit from Elaydren covered first class tickets for everyone, so the three-day trip was luxurious but uneventful.

Arriving in Sterngate, the closest lightning rail station to Darguun, the players signed on as caravan guards with a merchant headed through the Marguul Pass. To their credit, they were smart enough to both be suspicious of the merchant and make sure the cargo wasn’t valuable enough to be worth stealing. Unfortunately for them, they failed every spot check for seven days straight and everyone except the binder was surprised when three goblins and a bugbear attacked.

All four of the enemies hurled their javelins at the party in the surprise round, with only the artificer getting hit. The artificer stayed on the wagon and shot arrows at the bugbear while the rest of the party charged in to melee. The binder, currently bound to Dahlver-Nar, unleashed a Maddening Moan and dazed all the enemies except one goblin. The rest of the party made quick work of the goblins and the rogue finished the bugbear by leaping back and shooting a point blank critical arrow into him.



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