Eyes in the Dark

EIghth Session

Eighth Session: Crab Battle, Totally Insignificant Zombie, and Crispy-Fried Goblin

Where was I? Oh yes, Carcass Crab. It started off by hurling a poison barb at the binder and missing. The artificer spent the entire time sitting on the cart and flinging arrows at it, to no avail. The swordsage had to use a mace they found earlier because the crab does damage to people to attack it unarmed.

It was a sadly-uneventful fight; the PCs had no difficulty until the crab managed to hit the swordsage with a 6-point power attack, leaving her at 2 HP from unconsciousness. The rogue and binder finished it off but everyone except the artificer was pretty seriously wounded. They tried to heal, completely forgetting that the Mournland prohibits ALL healing, including natural. Luckily, the artificer proved to be crazy prepared by having a CL 8 scroll of Rope Trick on hand. They used that to heal, as it’s explicitly an extradimensional space and NOT the Mournland, and finished up with some potions they had.

Finally, they managed to reach the mine that concealed the entrance to Whitehearth. As they were determining their marching order, a vulture zombie swooped down to delay them. They killed it in one hit, of course. They entered the mine, with the rogue and binder leading using their darkvision.

They came across a hatch on the ground and the rogue tried and failed to search for traps. Of course, there WAS one and the session ended with him getting hit with 3d6 electricity damage.



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